When was the last time you had a portait taken of yourself that you really loved?

Yeah… that’s just way too long ago.

Treat yo’self!

Professional makeup and hair included

I can even get you access to designer gowns.

The women in my life are hustlers. They love unconditionally and give themselves fully. To all those women, I congratulate you. I also ask you to stop. Take a second.

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Your portrait experience

The Discovery Process

The first step of our journey is for us to get to know each other. These discovery calls allows us to focus on who you are, what your style is, and why this portrait is something to celebrate. During our planning meetings, we’ll plan out your photographic session and also envision how your photographs will live – whether that be on your wall or in a beautiful album.

The Makeover and Photography Session

You’ll be in hair and makeup for the first bit. Sit back, relax, and allow our stylists to take care of you. After you’re glammed up, it’s time for portrait session! I take the ‘awkward’ out of all photography experiences. I pose. I direct. I make inappropriate jokes. Bring as many outfits and accessories as you’d like!

Reveal and Design Consultation

Immediately after your photography session, it’ll be time for an exciting reveal of your photos! We will provide professional advice on how best to display your wall art collections and albums.  Your wall art and album order is placed during this design consultation.

All decision-makers must attend. Three and six month payment plan options are available.

Professional installation 

Hanging up your wall art correctly is important. It’s important that they’re spaced correctly and hung safely. We know you’re busy, and we’d like to take care of it for you. All wall art collections that are ordered during the Reveal and Design Consultation will include professional installation.

Print your photos

Don’t let your photographs sit lonely on a cold hard drive.

Bring them to life. Showcase them proudly on the walls in your home. When you wake up and see them everyday, know that you have a family that is a little crazy, but that you wouldn’t change them for the world.

We know that digital versions are still important. Don’t worry. We’ll provide the social media digital version of every photograph that you order!

You are beautiful

I take the ‘awkward’ out of all photography experiences.

Many women who come to us say that they’re un-photogenic. Well, that’s because you haven’t been photographed by the right person, until now…

Session fees are 200 and include hair and makeup
Albums, Wall art, and digitals are purchased a la carte

How would you like to remember your life?