• “My favorite food is spaghetti and pumpkin pie.” This is my quote in my 5th grade yearbook. I still love spaghetti and pumpkin pie (just not together!).
  • I have watched every episode of Friends at least 20 times.
  • When I was 5, my favorite colors were red, yellow and green because they were the colors of stoplights. (Which I used to call “satellites”)

I am here to help preserve memories that you’ll cherish and pass on. I love capturing moments – the small, big, chaotic, nervous, intimate and hilarious ones. It’s the moments of utter elation and joy mixed with the moments that bring out such an emotion that only your closest family and friends could provoke. (I also love cake, especially tiramisu cake and ice cream cake!)



I am the best doodler in the world. (I used to doodle in all the margins of my notebooks)

My background is visual arts and architecture. The foundation of it all began in childhood art classes – Chinese brush painting with Nicole and still life pencil pieces. It was a dream come true to study architecture in Italy. From there, I shifted into film and digital media and haven’t looked back!



I love theatre. 

My favorite part of theatre is getting all of our sh’t together! – the craziness of tech week that leads to an exhilarating opening night, the adrenaline and the nerves all rolled up into one, everyone working together. My favorite memories in theatre were backstage – lights, grip, sound and set building. To me, life is the ultimate theatre performance. All of these different aspects come together for the ultimate show…and the main lead is you! I would love to capture all of those parts that make up who you are.

I’m a travel junkie.

I love a good adventure and I have met some of the most amazing and nicest people while abroad. People have welcomed me with open arms into their homes and their lives and I cannot express my gratitude for all they have shown me. From mud huts in northern Thailand to the Weizmann Institute in Israel, I can’t wait for my next adventure!

Fun fact: I got contacts for the sole purpose of scuba dive the SS Yongala in Australia, now I wear them almost daily!


Bucket list – Achieved:

  • Revisit the Trevi Fountain *Completed 2012 and 2016!
  • Backpack (and eat my way through) Japan *Completed 12/14!
  • Photograph underwater *Completed 09/15!
  • Scuba dive the SS Yongala in Australia *Completed 07/16!
  • Zipline *Completed 12/16 in Hawaii!
bucket list accomplished1

Bucket list