I first got hold of my grandpa’s old Nikon film camera when I was fifteen and I was immediately hooked. I’ve since explored several different areas of the creative realm – from painting to architecture to graphic design to corporate web development – and I’ve found photography to be my rock through all these creative explorations. What I love about photography is that it can capture defining moments in our lives that we can relive over and over again. Photography allows us to immortalize a friend’s spontaneous laughter, a grandparent’s warm nostalgia, a couple’s keen adoration.

What I love about weddings is the amount of raw emotions that are expressed throughout the day. Moments of sheer delight are coupled with the anxiety and excitement of new adventures and yet-to-be memories. It’s incredibly fulfilling immersing myself in the joy around me and sharing in the experiences of people that love each other dearly.

When I’m not making pictures, I spend much of my time rock climbing, mountain biking, eating and traveling. I enjoy life most when I’ve completely lost track of time while wandering around the woods.

I love all that my lovely home city of Boston has to offer in terms of food and entertainment. When traveling, I seek out hole-in-the-wall places to soak in the local culture. The people around me never cease to fascinate me and I find myself intrigued by their stories—from big-fish tales to earnest and sincere anecdotes.

Oh yeah—I’m a total sucker for popcorn and beer!

…and Pancakes, my best friend’s pup!

Bucket List – Achieved:

  • Hike Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Live Abroad (Italy)
  • Visit Iceland (Drive the Ring Road)

Bucket List:

  • Hike Patagonia
  • Go on an extended backpacking trip in Europe or Asia
  • Capture my grandma’s childhood stories on video