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Many milestones happen in life. Whether it’s speaking your first word, taking your first steps, graduating high school or college. One of the biggest milestones, and possibly why you’re reading this in the first place is getting engaged. These big moments happen every few years, and it’s important to mark them. Photography is the perfect way to freeze a moment in time and we pride ourselves in offering different ways of doing this – making sure it’s perfect for you. This post highlights the differences between an engagement session and a forever session. Capturing the love you have for your partner and your shared life is our favorite thing to do.

I’m sure you’ve heard of an engagement session. Having become increasingly popular over time, an engagement shoot is now one of the items on the checklist towards marriage. You pick a time, a place, a beautiful outfit and you and your fiancé get to pose together. An engagement session usually results in “Save the Date” photos. You share some time with your fiancé, celebrate your happiness and show off your ring!




Things are slightly different when it comes to forever sessions. Like an engagement shoot, a forever session includes you and your partner. It shows the love you share, the life you live and what makes you happy. But a forever session can take place at any time, for any reason. While an engagement session targets your upcoming marriage, your forever session can be anything you want it to be.

During a forever session, we highlight each of you as individuals. We strive to show your personality, what you enjoy and what you are like as a person. Think of this photoshoot as a block of time set aside to celebrate yourself. Like its name entails, these pictures will last you forever. Imagine looking back on these moments 20 years from now. Imagine what you want these photographs to show.

There is no specific timeline dedicated to forever sessions. Couples choose to do them whenever they want! This is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on what makes you the happiest, to stop for a moment and appreciate where you are in your life right now. While milestones are important, it’s also just as crucial to take time for the small things. A forever session can give that to you.


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