The Ultimate “Thank You” Gift To Your Parents


The wedding has ended. You’ve taken every bobby pin out of your hair. The flowers have died. You’ve digested all the food and alcohol.

There are three things that you get to keep forever: The love of your life, your photographs, and your films.

Anyone who has ever spoken to me knows that I am very family-oriented. I have the most generous family. When the time came to give them a “thank you gift” for, raising me, and contributing financially to my wedding day, I was stumped.

Then, I realized what I owned that is a daily reminder of all of the people I love in my life – my wedding album.

Part of the service that I give to my couples is a “Wedding Reveal”. After the wedding, instead of viewing their photos for the first time on their work laptops, I invite my couple over, roll down the 150” projection screen, and set their photographs on a cinematic slideshow. I’m excited to let my couples take it all in – the laughter, joy, and tears. Then, we work together on selecting their favorite photos and design their dream album.

I want to do the same for your parents. They deserve to have the experience of seeing the photographs for the first time on a large screen. I am excited to discover which are their favorite photographs and collaborate with them on their own personal album.

The elephant in the room: Who pays?

My clients have done this one of two ways:

1) They pre-pay for an album and their first xxx photographs in the album. If your parents prefer to make a larger book with additional photographs, they are more than welcome to upgrade themselves.

2) They allow their parents to design their dream album. We keep your credit card on file and charge it after their design is finalized. They will not be privy to the cost – a true gift to them.

E-mail us now to design the best wedding thank you gift for your parents.

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