Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel wedding photos in Asbury Park, NJ – Peri + Andrew

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel wedding couple portrait photos in Ashbury Park, New Jersey

Peri is a teacher.

Her mom is a teacher.

Her mother in law is a teacher.

And they all teach at the same school!

Who knew that a simple day out would lead her to her to husband to be.

Peri says that “We went for a beach day with the other ladies in our department, and I was the only one without a beach chair. [Andrew’s mom] offered me hers, and I accepted. She said to drop it off at her house, and that if I saw her car in the driveway I should knock on the door to say hello. This was a Wednesday afternoon, mind you. Would you believe it? I picked the one Wednesday that Andrew was home from work packing his bags for a trip he was going on to visit his friend in London. We saw each other, started talking, and the rest is history :)”

We drove down to New Jersey the day before and did a bit of exploring along the board walk the next morning. Blue skies, sun shining, and a nice breeze to start the day! When I arrived to Peri’s house, I found Peri so relaxed that she was just hanging out with her girls and her parents doing an owl puzzle! (A circular puzzle by the way!) Everyone would stop by the table out front and fiddle with a few pieces every now and again and by the time we left, it was really taking shape! Some of the girls even made a comment that they were kind of sad that they wouldn’t see the finished piece!

Every now and again, I would check on Peri as the morning festivities were going on. Her parents have an awesome porch swing and every now and again, I’d catch Peri taking a moment with her twin or her dad on the swing just chatting and enjoying the nice weather outside. (Seriously, one of the most relaxed brides I’ve ever seen!) Even after she had gotten dressed and we were on the way out the door, she stopped at the puzzle to finish a couple more pieces to the edge!

I loved all the personal touches throughout the day and I love how family played such a wonderful role! For the ceremony, Peri’s mom made the chuppah, the covering was made by her grandmother and her sister handmade and ordered the Ketubah! They were so loved that there was standing room only left at the ceremony!

Their reception matched in awesomeness. I love horas. I love the expression on their faces as they get lifted up as it’s usually the look of excitement and joy mixed in with a bit of nervousness. (Don’t worry, everyone stayed in their chairs) As a special surprise, the band that Andrew is in got up and played a few songs and then everybody danced the night away only to take a break to make their own ice cream sundaes. (YUM)

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