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InterContinental Boston Hotel Wedding – Robin + Joe


Robin and Joe’s Indian InterContinental Boston Hotel ballroom wedding incorporated everything they loved – their families, friends, great music, and a beautiful waterfront view.

After a lovely dinner at Robin’s parents’ home one evening, Robin and Joe went to an iconic spot – the Marblehead lighthouse. It’s Robin’s favorite spot. As the two sat on a bench overlooking the water, Joe reminisces feeling like they were the only people on the planet. He remembers this moment as the one where he decided that he found the one who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Robin recounts that she knew much earlier! She loved that he always made her laugh, even before they started dating.

The connection between Robin and Joe is very apparent. They’ve got each other’s back and they each agree that the other goes the extra mile for them. They’ve got countless stories that exemplify the other’s selfless sacrifices, their collective team work, and the balance of yin and yang in their different but complementing personalities.

Robin and Joe crafted a wedding that is uniquely perfect for them. During portraits, all the guys put on superhero t-shirts under their suits and everyone was equipped with a Nerf gun. Robin then proceeded to shoot Joe in the lip! It was all so great to see everyone loosen up and show their goofy side on such a day.

Their Indian Boston InterContinental Hotel ballroom wedding was situated beautifully on the waterfront. Robin and Joe even took a water taxi ride as their entrance into their wedding reception. The boat ride was a great quiet moment just for the two of them to soak in their special day. What’s even more epic is that they walked off their boat and into their outdoor Boston Intercontinental Hotel cocktail hour to an equally epic movie soundtrack! Their hotel ballroom wedding was beautiful uplit. The energetic music provided by DJ Yogi and his amazing crew at Boston Light and Sound surrounded a packed dance floor and every person in the room donned large smiles.

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