Nicole Chan Photography 2014


Karen’s friends describe her as an amazing listener and very compassionate. Her love for visual arts stems from doodling and painting as a child. What makes her an incredible photographer is her a genuine care and interest in the families that she photographs. In order to get to know her families better, she asks sentimental questions about your relationships that you likely have not thought of before. Yes, Karen is extremely kind. She has a way with children and a way with dogs. She also has a way to influence everyone to go cliff jumping, drive through McDonalds at 3am for a toy, and has the talent that everyone envies – the ability to sleep in an instant… anywhere and at any time.

Karen’s Bucket List 

  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Drive on the Autobahn
  • Hug a baby giant panda

Bucket list – Achieved!

  • Scuba dive the SS Yongala in Australia
  • Backpack (and eat my way through) Japan 
  • Photograph underwater
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014


Caitlin is one of the coolest and chillest people you’ll ever meet. Her relaxed nature puts everyone at ease and this is especially helpful when she’s creating the most beautiful photo that you’ll ever see of yourself! Caitlin’s authenticity allows her to make friendly easily and often at weddings, she blends in with the friend groups so well that many mistake her for being a wedding guest with a camera, rather than a seasoned professional. Her laughter is infectious and we love her for it. She’s our resident adventure junkie – hiking (even in the winter), camping, biking, rock climbing, bouldering (IN BOULDER, once!). We can always depend on Caitlin to be down for a good time – whether that’s getting lost in the woods or hanging at the house with beers. 

Caitlin’s Bucket List

  • Hike Patagonia
  • Go on an extended backpacking trip in Europe or Asia
  • Capture my grandma’s childhood stories on video

Bucket List – Achieved:

  • Hike Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Live Abroad (Italy)
  • Visit Iceland (Drive the Ring Road)
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014


Eric, often mistaken for being quiet, is one of the most hardworking people that we’ve come across. He is constantly looking to improve his storytelling ability – finding unique ways to tell stories and infuse emotion into his films. He loves trying new things and his diversified interests makes him so relatable and extremely fun to be around. Eric’s humility is unparalleled; Whenever he dives into a hobby – whether it be athletic like dragon boating or strategy-related in a board game, he tends to excel in it!

Eric’s Bucket List

  • Start a campfire without a lighter
  • Spend Christmas in Japan
  • See Greek architecture in Athens

Bucket List – Achieved:

  • Catch a tuna
  • Rappel, swim, and climb a waterfall
  • Hike a volcano
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014


Micha has a personality that makes strangers instantly trust her. She’s a considerate soul – one who always looks out for others and puts them before herself. She’s determined – several years ago, she wanted a position in Italy and so, she learned Italian. Having a penchant for languages, she’s also conversational in Japanese and I’m sure that if you dared her to learn another language by your wedding day, it would probably happen. (Please do it. We’re really curious!)

Micha’s Bucket List

  • Go to Japan
  • Hike a 14er
Micha’s Bucket List – completed
  • Teach the world about the wonders of ice blocking *ongoing struggle
  • Become fluent in the languages I currently only know pieces of
  • Visit every continent *progress: 4/7
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014


Nicole’s constant curiosity and excitement is only surpassed by the speed as to which she speaks. The type A in her keeps the team organized and always striving to more creatively tell stories. She’s a culture junkie – always interested in learning more about people and putting herself in interesting situations to do so: hunting with indigenous ethnic group, rural village homestays, shady hostels, and eating all sorts of things that she probably shouldn’t.

Nicole’s Bucket List

  • Travel through Argentina on horseback
  • Scuba dive the top 10 wrecks in the world
  • Explore the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

Bucket List – Achieved

  • Own a car that has power locks ( FINALLY.)
  • Ski a ♦♦ without peeing myself
  • Teach the cutest Husky in the world to high five!