What to expect – Your Boston family photography session!

What should I wear?
  • Simple and timeless. Let’s put the focus on the relationships of you and your family, not the latest trend of clothing.
  • Wear what makes you feel like “you”. Something comfortable.Be genuine and true to yourself.
  • Coordinate colors in one color family (ie: different shades of grays and blues). Matching is not necessary. We want the colors to work with each other, and not clash.
  • Something you’re comfortable in. Don’t like your arms? Wear long sleeves. Don’t love your cleavage? Leave the deep V for another time.
What should I not wear?
  • Loud patterns
  • Large logos and text
Determine the style of family photography that speaks to you
Most of our families will have two sessions a year, one “Day in the life” session in the home to document all of the little moments, and then another studio session for formal and timeless portraits.
  • “Day in the life” – These candid storytelling images depict the “realness” of life. A typical set of “documentary-styled” family photographs will showcase all of the little things, the moments that only you as a parent know about your family.
  • Studio session – These portraits are photographed in our studio in Quincy, MA. Simple backgrounds are offered to provide a timeless feel.
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014
How long will my photography session be?
  • Our family sessions are one hour
  • We recommend newborn session to be three hours. Baby is napping? No problem. Baby pooped everywhere and needs a quick bath? No problem. A three-hour session allows us all to relax, take our time, and accommodate to the baby’s eating/feeding/burping/changing schedule.
How do we get to see our photos? Will you help us design our album?
  • After your photography session, we’ll invite you to our studio (Quincy, MA) for your Reveal and Design Party! We ask that drop off your children with a sitter or a family member.
  • During the Reveal and Design, we will show you a slideshow of our favorite photos. Together, we’ll select your favorites and provide professional advice on how best to display your wall art and albums. We’ll design your wall art and albums together!
  • Your wall art and albums are placed during this design consultation. All decision-makers must attend. Three and six month payment plan options are available.
  • A typical timeline:  Your in-home “Day in the Life” photography session is from 10-11am in your home. Your Reveal and Design will take place in Quincy, MA from 1-2pm!
Should I get makeup and hair done?
  • I love a little natural makeup and hair for a boost. We work with a team of stylists that will be happy to come to your home a little early and pamper you up!
How should I prepare my family?
  • The best way to tell your kiddos that a photographer is coming, is to let them know that a friend is coming to play. We’ll do whatever your family typically does on a weekend – read books, bake cookies, and play outside! I find that parents are far more anxious about family photos than kids usually are. 😉
  • If your family is coming over for a Studio session, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring favorite toys, comfort items, and treats. I would also plan something fun afterwards – an ice cream outing, a trip to their favorite park, etc.
Are you going to be able to handle my family?
  • Yes. We’ve seen it all.
  • We love photographing families of all sizes, types, shapes, and colors.
  • We’ve been pooped and puked on.
  • We have experience with families with individuals that are handicapped and intellectually disabled.
  • You’re in good hands. We’ll create photographs and will showcase the love that you have for one another, and not the puke and the poop (unless you want us to).
 Nicole Chan Photography 2014