“It is truly something else to see the beautiful moments of the day captured in motion. The true emotion that is evoked by the audio/visual of reliving your big day is incredible. Karen is a fantastic shooter. Half of the time I didnt even know she was filming! Her team is hip, cool, super easy to work with. Additonally, I was married on the day of the Red Sox parade. No amount of wedding planning can prepare you for a city wide parade with road closures. Our hotel was in the middle of the parade route. Karen and her team lugged their equipment on public transportation and made sure they got to the hotel early. That is dedication! If you are second guessing adding videography to your big day, don’t, the investment is 1000% worth it. I thank Karen and her team giving us something we will cherish for our lifetime!”


“Having worked in the service industry for almost ten years, when you find the right vendor, it makes all the difference. From start to finish, they were fabulous to work with.”


“Karen and her team made a video that moved us to tears, captured all of the most important moments, and was just beautifully done. Not only are they great fimlmakers and editors, but they are very intuitive about which people should be in it the most, and what moments are the most important.”


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