The little moments in life are the most important ones

However… they’re also the ones that are easiest to forget

We’ll come to you!

(or you can come to our Studio)

We specialize in comfortable “day in the life” sessions. We’ll capture the moments that naturally happen in your daily life. Reading before bed? Playing in the backyard? Let’s photograph it before they grow out of it.

For those looking for a more traditional approach, we are more than happy to welcome you into our Studio in North Quincy.

Your family photography experience

We’ll get to know you, photograph you, help design and order your albums and wall art, then have your artwork professionally installed. Why the full service? Because we know you’re busy.

Boston day in the life documentary family session - Boston family portraits by Karen Eng - Promessa Studio

The Discovery Process

The first step of our journey is for us to get to know each other. These discovery calls allows us to focus on individual family members and learn what is unique about them. Let’s explore the little moments that you would want to remember – reading on a rocking chair in the bedroom or big toothy grins. During our planning meetings, we’ll plan out your photographic session and also envision the best places in your home for your artwork to live.

Promessa Studios 2016

The Photography Session

After discovering what is important to you about your relationships, we will create photographs that tell your family story. Photographic sessions are typically 1 hour and take place either in your home or in our Studio. Your photographic session is about capturing the adorable, loving, and goofy moments that you want to remember forever. We have a penchant for keeping things light-hearted, fun, and relaxed.

Promessa Studios 2016

Reveal and Design Session

Your patience and planning efforts have all paid off. After your photography session, we invite you back into our studio for an exciting Reveal of your photographs! We will provide professional advice on how best to display your wall art collections and albums.

You decide which products you wish to purchase during your Reveal and Design Session. Only purchase what you love. All photos purchased include the digital negative.

Your artwork order is placed during the Reveal and Design Session. All decision-makers must attend.

Professional Installation 

Hanging up your wall art correctly is important. It’s important that they’re spaced correctly and hung safely. We know you’re busy, and we’d like to take care of it for you. All wall art collections that are ordered during the Reveal and Design will include professional installation.

Your digital negative are cold and lonely on that harddrive…

Yes, they’re sad in the cloud, too.

If you lost your phone and Facebook died, how many physical and tangible memories would you have left of your life?

Bring them to life. Showcase them proudly on the walls in your home. When you wake up and see them everyday, know that you have a family that is a little crazy, but that you wouldn’t change them for the world.

We know that digital negatives are still important. Don’t worry. We’ll provide the social media digital version of every photograph that you order!

You are important

When your child becomes an adult, don’t let them wonder where you were during their childhood. Exist in photographs. Let us create photographs where you and your family are all together. When I look back at my own childhood photos, the ones I love most are the ones with my mother and my father. You are important in your children’s lives. Be there for them by being in the photographs.

  •  Nicole Chan Photography 2014

Let’s talk

Your portrait session fee is $200. All artwork and digital negatives are sold separately.

Have a quick second to chat? Let’s schedule a phone call 

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