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Fusion Winter Wedding at the Adams Inn

Our very own Karen got hitched! I’ve known Karen for a while now and I had the wonderful honor of photographing her and her husband's Boston wedding.

Boston Maternity Photography | Andrea

  Andrea arrived at the studio early in January, happy and excited to capture some portraits of herself with her adorable baby bump. She and her husband Rich have been beyond excited to welcome their baby into the world. He reads…

10 Tips for making photoshoots fun for kids!

If I was a child again, I think the last thing that I would want to do is sit in front of a stranger as they take pictures of me and tell me what to do.  It is intimidating and definitely would get in the way of the things that I would…

What to Wear for your Family Photography Session

Having a family portrait session is an incredible way to capture memories into a physical form.  The albums and wall art that come from these sessions will be cherished for years and hopefully seen by many.  Because of the permanent nature…
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Natural Family Photography: Alex, Joe, and Kooza

Capturing natural family photography is my favorite. Getting those in-between moments where no one is being anyone else besides themselves is so important.  With Alex, Joe, and their Dog, Kooza, this was no problem.  Although all three…
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Boston Best Wedding Photographers 2017 - Promessa Studios

Dear 2017, Our thoughts this time last year were, "ALL IN". It amazes us each year that so many couples chose us to photograph and film the first day of their lives together. It means so much. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for allowing…

What to expect - Your Boston family photography session!

What should I wear? Simple and timeless. Let’s put the focus on the relationships of you and your family, not the latest trend of clothing. Wear what makes you feel like "you". Something comfortable.Be genuine and true to yourself. …
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Boston Pet Photography - Superdog!

Boston pet photography can sometimes be difficult. Trying to communicate with a little animal who doesn't speak english and is way more interested in squirrels than pictures is tough! Sometimes though, there are dogs who are seemingly made…
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Boston Pet Photography: Playful Black Lab-Terrier

Doing boston pet photography is such a blast with dogs like Riley! When he was just 6 months old, his human, Rosemary, rescued him from a shelter in Tennessee.  Because of the high number of dogs in shelters in the South and the low adoption…